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The Soaking Room Best of the Bay '09 Runner-up

Soaking feet in warm water is an ancient ritual that aids in pain relief, such as strain in knees, hips, and lower back can be caused by painful feet, and has been practiced in various forms throughout history and many cultures.
    ~according to ancient Eastern wisdom, the feet are a mirror to the body

Foot Rituals Includes Soak and Pedicure | Himalayan Experience
Indigenous ingredients selected to anoint the body, delight the senses and rejuvenate the mind are combined with nurturing strokes to ground, warm and spiritually awaken healing energy within. Pink Himalayan Salt is mined from ancient sea beds inside the Himalayan Mountains. It is completely unrefined and comes to you in its raw, natural form. This salt was formed over 200 million years ago in the primeval sea where the first signs of life formed in the mineral rich water. Because of its location and how it was formed it is extremely pure and free of contaminants or pollutants. It gains its pink color from the high content of Iron. It also contains trace amounts of 84 minerals and elements including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc and Sodium. Himalayan salt has long been used in warm water as a holistic treatment for poor circulation, high blood pressure, dry, damaged or irritated skin, muscle soreness, joint pain and for detoxification.  –  75 Minutes $45.00
Foot Rituals Includes soak and pedicure | Milk & Moor Mud Pedicure
Milk contains lactic acid, a member of the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) family, which break down dead skin cells thereby allowing the skin to rejuvenate itself more quickly. AHAs also act as moisturizers by taking humidity from the air and helping skin absorb this moisture. This results in younger and healthier looking skin. Moor Mud promotes circulation, stimulates the immune system, promotes muscular relaxation, relieves pain, breaks down fat cells, detoxifies and improves range of motion. Anti-bacterial. – 75 Minutes $55.00
Stress Relieving Peppermint Foot Ritual includes Soak and Pedicure
Beginning with a revitalizing soak that contains natural effervescent salts, exfoliating with a gel-based scrub that contains volcanic rock to slough off rough, callused skin.  A deep-cleansing clay masque that draws out impurities as it dries to reveal softer, recharged feet.  Ending with a moisturizer that softens and revives rough, tired feet to Sandal-worthy feet.   – 60 Minutes $40.00
Sea Marine Therapy includes Soak and Pedicure
Blend of sea extracts of kelp, algae, laminaria, spirulina, sea fennel and sea rocket gives deep exfoliation. Followed by a foot balm containing Healing African Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Sea Kelp and Algae Extracts help stimulate circulation, soften and soothe. – 60 Minutes $40.00
The Dead Sea includes Soak and Pedicure
Good for dry, flaky, cracked soles. Dead Sea Salts contain 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulphur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. These essential minerals naturally occur in our bodies but must be replenished, as they are lost throughout the day. These minerals are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse our bodies. Dead Sea Salts exfoliates and replenishes your skin, regaining its natural moisture. herein getting rid of unwanted dry flaky dead skin cells. – 60 Minutes $40.00 
Pedicure Ritual

This rejuvenating service includes proper maintenance and grooming of the nails and cuticles, personalized massage and customized exfoliation. Nails are then buffed and polished. – 60 Minutes $35.00 

~All of above treatments include maintenance, grooming nails, cuticles & lacquer

Kansa Vatki Foot Massage
An Ancient Ayuvedic Foot Massage Treatment, Kansa Vatki Foot Massage has been practiced in India for centuries, following the Ayurvedic tradition. The treatment utilizes a small 3 metal bowl to rebalance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. The technique works on the feet and lower limbs, with emphasis on marma points and Kansa Vatki movements. A soothing session helps to draw out excess heat, leaving the entire body cool, refreshed, and relaxed. Kansa Vatki has a very special place within Ayurvedic tradition. KV foot massage is considered most helpful in the prevention and treatment of illness. – 60 Minutes $50.00 
Hand Rituals

Manicure Ritual-This rejuvenating service includes proper maintenance and grooming of the nails and cuticles, personalized massage and customized exfoliation.  Nails are then buffed and polished. – 60 Minutes $35.00

Spa Manicure-Your hands are exfoliated, masqued & massaged. The nails are then shaped, buffed and polished to perfection. – 60 Minutes 35.00

Add Paraffin to either Hand or Foot Treatments – $10.00
Polish Change – $10.00

Hand/Foot Treatments

Moor Mud Hand/Foot Therapy- Treatment with mud compresses relieves pain affecting the hands/feet and reduces the number of swollen and tender joints in the hands/feet of patients suffering from RA or other painful aliments. This treatment can augment conventional medical therapy in these patients.
Hand or Foot $30.00/ ½ Arm or Leg $45.00

Detoxsoak helps to detox & de-stress in one unique foot care treatment. A blend of herbal extracts & purifying crystal of 15min Detoxsoak helps to:

  • Flush Toxins
  • Relax & Soothe Muscles
  • Increase Circulation
  • Relieve Stress & Elevate Mood
  • Reduce Inflammation

A lack of magnesium—which helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body—can contribute to high blood pressure, hyperactivity, heart problems and other health issues, doctors warn. Sulfate is essential for many biological processes, helping to flush toxins and helping form proteins in joints, brain tissue and mucin proteins.

A post 15 min of DetoXsoak somatology massage with extraction massage serum finishes the total rejuvenation treatment helping to de-stress and release free radicals and toxicants. $30 – or Add DetoXsoak to any pedicure service for $15

Chin 10.00
Lip 10.00
Brows 15.00
Half Arm 35.00
Full Arm 45.00
Under Arm Wax 20.00
Bikini 35.00 & up
Back 35.00 & up
Chest 45.00

Eyelash or Eyebrow Tint 20.00


Special Event/Bride 45.00
Make over/instructional 55.00